What to Do Before You Unpack in Your New Home

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2016-02-11 06:59:22

Congratulations! You’re a homeowner. What’s next? Unpacking.

We know the excitement of moving into a new home can be quickly overridden by the overwhelming task of unpacking. Where should you start?

Our friends at Zillow.com share the following tips as you prepare to unpack and make your house a home:

  1. Clean and prepare your new home. It’s easier to do a thorough cleaning of a house before it’s filled with your belongings. Make sure your home is spotless when your items arrive.
  2. Inspect and organize your belongings. If you hired a mover, inspect all of your boxes and fragile items to ensure they are in good shape. Make sure nothing is damaged or missing.
  3. Open your box of essentials – this includes tools, toiletries, medicines, etc. The items in this box will make the rest of your unpacking easier.
  4. Set major furniture and appliances. Position your large furniture and bulky household appliances first. Then you can easily unpack smaller items in the appropriate places.

To read more about unpacking and find out what to unpack first, visit Zillow.com

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